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    Chicken Shredder

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    The hand-held shredder is a lightweight and versatile tool that can easily shred food. Just place whatever you prepare in the barbed interior and turn the lid to quickly complete the work.
    It completed 90% of the work of shredding chicken in 15 seconds instead of 15 minutes. Save a lot of time, especially when you chop a lot of chicken at once. Suitable for most tender meats: chicken, pork, stew, etc.
    Although it is great for shredding chicken for tacos and tortillas, it is also good at tearing up crispy lettuce or cabbage and stacking it on sandwiches or putting it in refreshing salads. Designed with a non-slip base to ensure safe handling, there are large nails inside that can hold food, and by rotating the lid several times, it helps to cut up the food in a closed manner. No matter what you prepare, all its juices are kept sealed inside, so you can use or discard them as you like. Try to chop up chicken to add to a hearty salad. Dishwasher safe and easy to clean .