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    Portable Dog Water and Food Bottle

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    The dual-use pet water bottle is designed into two chambers, which keeps food dry and water clean. It's ideal for a variety of outdoor activities. As its large capacity, stay out for a whole time will be available.Have fun~

    Using Your New Water Pet Bottle

    • Be aware~

    -Full fill the bottle with water and cover the bottle with the lid, shake it to make sure that it’s leak-proof. Any defect of the product, please ask us for a replacement.

    -Put the semi-circle grid in the bottle before filling the food in, both sides added with food can be avoided.

    • Do not do like these:

    -Do not fold and unfold the plastic buckles frequently, they are consumables.

    -Do not seal the lid when the water in the bottle is still hot.

    Enjoy your life together with your lovely friend~