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    Pregnancy Pillow

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    Enjoy a sweet night sleep with Pregnancy Pillow


    Pregnancy Pillow provides both comfort and support for back, hips, legs, belly, and head.

    Tired of having to use multiple pillows to support your head, neck, legs, and back, try this pillow!!!

    Pregnancy Pillow is compressed in vacuum package for convenient shipping, please follow these steps to make it fluffy!

    Comfortable pillow

    Full support to your pregnant body, the unique design fits your body curve.

    Comfort for anywhere

    This pregnancy pillow is easy to take to anywhere for your whole family, you can use it on the bed for relaxing sleeping, playing with kids on the floor even after labor, of course, you can stay on a sofa as well.

    Create a small couch on bed

    with a wider surface performance at the top to support your head and back entirely while positioning your arm for pressure when working a long day.

    With Pregnant Pillow you will experience a restful night’s sleep that delivers full support, regardless of your preferred sleeping position. Get yours today and experience the euphoric experience that comes with quality you can expect from Life Saving Products.


    This pillow is made of 100% hypoallergenic fabric and is specially designed from the comfiest and coziest materials, providing the perfect amount of support that will keep you comfortable all night and eliminate the need for constant repositioning that happens when you use cheaper pillows with less support.

    Life Saving Products has designed a pillow that comes highly recommended by medical professionals. It's great for anyone who could use a little extra support and relaxation at bedtime but is especially ideal for pregnant mothers and people who experience symptoms of sciatica, gastric re-flux, congestion, fibromyalgia, post-surgery and carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Our pillow is designed to help you to lounge while nursing your baby during your day as it gives you extra support while nursing your baby. It is also great for providing extra support and comfort for women who are pregnant and need a little extra rest and back support.

    About This Product:

    • U Shaped Maternity and Nursing Pillow
    • Helps Keep The Total Body Relaxed
    • Helps Support The Side & Back
    • Tummy, Arm & Neck Support
    • Makes It Easy To Turn Over
    • Accommodates Different Sleeping Positions
    • Supports Proper Breathing
    • Easier To Fall Asleep
    • Relieves Pressure
    • Machine Washable

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