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    How Can You Really Save Money on Food?

    How about making last night’s dinner taste like they were just cooked a few minutes ago?

    It all boils down to how you keep food in the refrigerator.

    If you don’t do it right, food goes “fridge-dry” in less than 2 hours.

    You’ll notice fruits starting to get brown and tastes funny. 

    And yet, millions of people are still using aluminum foil and plastic wrap to store their leftovers…

    The truth is, these wrappers are simply wasteful and ineffective.

    Before You Reach for that Messy Plastic Wrap Again, Read This

    Ever thought about how many rolls of plastic wrap your household uses in 1 year?

    Research shows that just last year, about 80 million people had used at least 1 plastic wrap roll in 6 months. Out of that, over 5 million had gone through more than 10 million boxes of plastic wrap(1).

    This makes it a massive problem for the environment. As National Geographic put it in one article:

    ‍“Though the portable, cheap wrap keeps leftovers fresh for longer, there are several catches: Plastic wrap contributes to the larger plastic pollution crisis, it’s difficult to recycle, and it’s made from potentially harmful chemicals, especially as they break down in the environment.

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